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A Grand Affair of Love in a Majestic Palace Setting.

A lavish wedding commenced with a romantic blessing in the garden of the historic Palais Liechtenstein, exuding elegance and style. This was followed by a refined reception and dinner in the magnificent Herculessaal, a symbol of luxury and sophistication. The evening’s pinnacle was in the Music Room, just a stone’s throw from the charming horse-drawn carriages. Here, our dedicated wedding stewards excelled in service, delighting esteemed guests with exquisite cake pops.
wedding palais kempinsky vienna

"Set against Vienna's historic backdrop, our latest wedding was a blend of tradition and contemporary luxury. The event started with a charming cocktail hour in a fairy-lit courtyard, followed by a reception in the grand ballroom. Each detail, from the lush floral decorations to the bespoke dining experience, was crafted to reflect the couple's unique journey. As the evening unfolded, guests enjoyed a starlit dance floor, with our Event Stewards ensuring a magical experience for all."

Julian Amenth


"Perfect event planning and the ability to adapt spontaneously were proven during our outdoor ceremony amid unexpected weather challenges. The sudden downpour transformed our transparent tent into an enchanted, rain-kissed sanctuary. Guests were captivated by the magical atmosphere, a striking contrast to the rain dance outside. The festively decorated tent became a cocoon of enchantment, underscoring our ability to create unforgettable moments even amidst nature's whims."

Florante Ramos



Credits: Video by Eleazarfilm | Photos by Michael Kobler and Elena Azzalini