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A Cozy Celebration of a Lifetime.

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process, starting from the initial meeting to meticulous planning, efficient organization, vendor bookings, on-site presence, and seamless coordination of your special event. Our commitment remains unwavering from start to finish.
birthday party vienna cake

"For an intimate birthday celebration in a private apartment in the heart of Vienna, we went the extra mile by bringing in two renowned songstresses from London: Alexandra Burke and Grace Davies. Elevate your special occasion with the enchanting voices of these talented performers, adding a touch of glamour and musical magic to your celebration. Our exclusive events bring world-class entertainment to your doorstep, creating unforgettable moments in the heart of Vienna's vibrant atmosphere.“

Julian Amenth


"Step into a world of unparalleled perfection as we reflect on the private birthday celebration meticulously crafted by our team. This evening reached the epitome of excellence, all thanks to our esteemed partners in excellence. Do&Co elevated the experience with culinary delights, while Julien Dougourd, flown in from the French Riviera, delighted our taste buds with exquisite desserts. The musical ambiance was set by the talented Alexandra Burke and Grace Davies, who graced us with their performances all the way from the United Kingdom. Ensuring seamless visuals, CoreStoryStudios skillfully handled the image transmission, while 24Sound perfected the audio atmosphere. Andreas Stern worked his floral magic, creating a dreamy setting with flowers. The prestigious Hotel Sacher provided royal accommodations for our partners, and our dedicated stewards ensured impeccable guest care throughout the evening, Customized letterpress print materials came from Herz&Co. This celebration was a symphony of excellence, a fusion of flavors, melodies, and visual wonders. All moments were captured on pictures by Enrique Manzano. Every element contributed to an unforgettable night of joy and celebration."

Julian Amenth

Credits: Video Florante Ramos | Photos by Enrique Manzano