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A Private Birthday Bash at Park Hyatt Vienna.

At our wedding planning agency, ‘Pink Vibes Only’ set the tone for a birthday celebration dominated by joy and conviviality. The festivities continued until sunrise, leaving guests in high spirits and creating unforgettable moments of pure jubilation.
zweigstelle wien

"Our team skillfully manages the intricacies of event planning, utilizing vast industry expertise to save you time and resources while ensuring flawless execution. With an extensive network encompassing venues, vendors, caterers, and entertainers, we can bring to life even the most ambitious visions."

Julian Amenth


"Communicate your goals to us, and witness how we customize your private celebration, employee appreciation day, fundraiser, or influencer event."

Julian Amenth
At our meticulously planned event, we celebrated the passion of our client, a devoted Italy enthusiast. The ambiance was filled with Azzurro and other Italian melodies, ensuring an evening of great vibes and an unforgettable atmosphere for all attendees.
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Credits: Photos by Tanja Hofer