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Garden Palace Liechtenstein

Regal Romance in Vienna’s Palatial Gardens.

Gartenpalais Liechtenstein Weddings: Regal Romance in Vienna's Palatial Gardens.

Garden Palace Liechtenstein in Vienna offers a fairy-tale setting for weddings, where elegance meets nature. This historic venue, surrounded by lush gardens, provides a romantic and timeless backdrop for couples seeking a majestic outdoor wedding.

State Rooms Ground Floor: Sala Terrena

The spacious and bright Sala Terrena, characterized by its open design and direct access to the garden, covers an area of about 1,000 square meters, making it the ideal place to welcome guests, host cocktail receptions, or conclude a festive gala dinner. At the heart of the Sala Terrena stands the Golden Carriage, a magnificent piece from the princely collections.

State Rooms Ground Floor: Ladies’ Apartments

The former Ladies’ Apartments, three adjacent, nearly square rooms each covering 100 square meters, complement the event area on the ground floor. These rooms are perfectly suited as a lounge or bar area, for music and dance, or as a retreat for your artists or event team.

State Rooms First Floor: Sala Terrena

Covering an area of 530 square meters, the Hercules Hall is the most extensive secular Baroque hall in Vienna. The magnificently restored ceiling fresco by Andrea Pozzo, along with the impressive marble columns, create an opulent setting for gala dinners with up to 300 guests, concerts, receptions, or conferences


The noble garden, accessible to the public during the day, serves as a beautiful green haven for the 9th District. Out of the total area of approximately 5 hectares, about 1.5 hectares are available for events. This allows for the hosting of garden parties, corporate summer festivals, or outdoor weddings, which perfectly complement any event at the Garden Palace Liechtenstein.

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Celebrate your love in the enchanting Garden Palace Liechtenstein, a venue that combines the grandeur of Viennese architecture with the serene beauty of its gardens. Ideal for those who dream of a luxurious garden wedding, it promises an unforgettable experience amidst Vienna’s heritage.


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