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City Palace Liechtenstein

Timeless Elegance in Vienna’s Historic City Palace.

City Palace Liechtenstein Weddings: Timeless Elegance in Vienna's Historic City Palace.

The City Palace Liechtenstein in Vienna, with its opulent Baroque architecture and sumptuous interiors, offers an unparalleled setting for weddings. This majestic venue provides a spectacular backdrop for couples seeking a blend of historical grandeur and luxury, ensuring a lavish and unforgettable wedding celebration.

State Rooms 1st Floor: Concert Room

The concert room, with 150m² and window fronts on two sides, creates a light-flooded space for a variety of occasions. Additionally, each floor is equipped with a separate catering area.

State Rooms 1st Floor: Boiserie Room

The Boiserie Room, adjacent to the concert hall with an area of 97m², is the most compact of the available event spaces. It is perfectly suited for smaller groups or as an extension to the concert hall, as the rooms are connected by two double doors.

State Rooms 2nd Floor: Ballroom

Covering an area of about 165m², the opulent ballroom, adorned with an imposing chandelier, is the most expansive event space in the City Palace. Thanks to the open corridors on the east and west sides of the room, complemented by the adjacent south corridor, a total area of 260m² is achieved. Moreover, each floor is equipped with an exclusive catering area.

State Rooms 2nd Floor: Square Room

The Square Room of the City Palace Liechtenstein, covering an area of about 155m² and also illuminated by a magnificent chandelier, is directly adjacent to the ballroom. Connected by two double doors, it serves as the perfect extension for cocktail receptions.

Celebrate your wedding day at the City Palace Liechtenstein, where elegance and history are intertwined in every corner. Renowned for its exquisite art collection and breathtaking rooms, this prestigious venue in the heart of Vienna is perfect for those desiring a wedding that is both sophisticated and steeped in cultural heritage, promising an event of unparalleled beauty and refinement.

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Gala set-up: max. 100 guests
BOISERIE ROOM (97m²): Gala set-up: max. 50 guests
BALLROOM (165m²):
Gala set-up: max. 100 guests
SQUARE ROOM (155m²):
Gala set-up: max. 80 guests


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