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A Spring Affair at Palais Coburg.

Experience the epitome of luxury and elegance at our meticulously planned wedding at Vienna’s historic Palais Coburg. With an astonishing display of over 5,000 tulips setting the scene, this event was a masterpiece of floral artistry. The grandeur of the palatial halls complemented a night of exquisite dining and non-stop entertainment, lasting until dawn in the magnificent casemates.
wedding dior bride vienna

"Our bespoke wedding entertainment lineup in Vienna was nothing short of spectacular, fulfilling every desire of the couple. The event featured a diverse array of performers including a string quartet, a virtuoso pianist, enchanting dancers, energetic drummers, a dynamic DJ, flamboyant bottle boys, a soulful saxophonist, and an engaging illustrator. To heighten the excitement, we also included thrilling confetti cannons, ensuring an unforgettable atmosphere from day to night.“

Julian Amenth



Let us transform your wedding vision into reality in Vienna. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your unique ideas, addressing your concerns, and answering your queries. We specialize in crafting bespoke wedding concepts that resonate with your personal story.

Your dream wedding awaits – let's start planning your perfect day together!
viola li
The wedding concluded with a remarkable artistic touch by the exceptionally gifted illustrator, Viola Li. Each guest received a bespoke illustration, a personal keepsake, enclosed in beautifully calligraphed envelopes. Viola Li’s extraordinary talent in capturing individual likenesses made these unique illustrations a treasured farewell gift. This personalized gesture added an unforgettable artistic element to the event, leaving guests with lasting memories of their Vienna experience.


Credits: Photos by Michael Kobler, Alice Schiesser and Florante Ramos